What is a typical school visit like?

During a school visit, Coy will do three 45-minute storytelling sessions with about 150 students per session. If you have specific stories or themes you would like Coy to focus on during his visit, we can certainly work that out. He is also happy to sign books for students and staff. To get more information about scheduling and fees, please contact maggie@coybowles.com

I would like to order books for my school visit. How can I do that?

For large orders, please email maggie@coybowles.com so we can better personalize the shipment and experience for you.

Whom do I contact about having Coy perform at my school, business or event?

For booking, scheduling, and fees, contact maggie@coybowles.com.

Does Coy speak at conferences and universities?

Yes! Coy is available for keynotes, but also workshops and panels. We can tailor programs to the needs of the conference. Please contact Coy’s assistant, Maggie Fleming at maggie@coybowles.com or 404.626.3947 for booking, scheduling, and fees.

I would LOVE to get my books signed. How can I make that happen?

You are welcome to bring any books you would like signed to any public event that Coy will be at, or to your school, if Coy will be visiting it. If you would like to send a book to  Coy's office with return postage, he can sign it for you and mail it back.

My class/child/self would like to send Coy a letter. Where would I send it to?

Any letters can be sent to:

Coy Bowles

5762 Fairfield Place

Stone Mountain, GA 30087