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best practices


  • Be sure that you are able to meet the technical requirements on the day of the program.  Please let Becky know when you speak with her if there is an issue with this

  • Please review the book signing policies for school visits.

  • Review the "Press Kit" page, and be sure that all marketing material or publicity is in accordance with these guidelines.

All video and photography by the event host must agree to the following points:

     1. No one can copyright Coy's image.  Some venues hire professional photographers whose practice is to copyright each of the images they produce.  While Coy fully supports these artists, he does not submit to his image being copyrighted.
    2. None of the pictures or videos that you make during Eric's performance can be sold in any way. 
    3. Should Coy identify any images/videos that he would prefer not be available to the public, you promptly remove these.
    4. In the event that Coy requests the audience to discontinue use of their electronic devices in order for him to perform unpublished material, any recording being conducted by the host must also be stopped.

  • 2 hand held microphones

  • 2 microphone stands 

  • 1/4 input for guitar

  • RCA or 1.8 input for iphone

  • Adequate power & sound quality for the size of the audience

  • A sound check

  • A small table on stage

  • A bottle of water for each performance.


If any of these technical requirements will be difficult for your venue to accommodate, it is important that we know prior to Coy's arrival.  Please share any questions or concerns about this with Eve when you speak.

Coy LOVES to sign books for your families! 

When you speak with his assistant, Eve, she will help

you identify how much time he will have on the event

day to do this.

  • Coy will sign all books new or old.

  • In some circumstances it often makes sense to have Coy pre-sign some books before family events (for attendees who don't want to wait in line).  Becky will help you decide if this will work for your event.

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or unusual situations, please speak with Eve about it so that we can work with you to ensure the very best possible performance!

© 2020 Coy Bowles

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