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"I live a very blessed life and have had so many of my dreams come true through playing music. I realized along the way that if you have an audience that you should try to give back to them in a positive way. My way of giving back, besides the music, is writing children's books that are about todays issues. The books give children,parents and teachers a common ground to bond,love, and discuss these issues for a better tomorrow."


"Amy Giggles" – Laugh Out Loud is a story of self-confidence and reassurance, accepting who you are and the realization that our differences make us each beautiful and unique. The reader is taken into a world of imagination through the eyes of Amy Giggles and her boisterous laugh. A portion of the proceeds of sale of this book will be donated to Camp Southern Ground, Inc., a non-profit organization.

"Will Powers - Where There is a Will There is a Way" is a story about overcoming self-entitlement and achieving your goals with dedication and a strong work ethic. Will's journey with music teaches him the value of hard work and the power of believing in yourself. It’s a classic story with a message that kids, parents, and teachers can relate to and rejoice in.

Sneezing? Coughing? Taking a sick day? Don’t worry, you’ll be feeling better soon thanks to this hilarious picture book from Coy Bowles, guitarist of the Grammy Award–winning Zac Brown Band. Full of encouraging—and super-silly—rhyming advice on how to face sick days with courage and a positive attitude, "When You’re Feeling Sick" is just what the doctor ordered! Comes with a sheet of stickers to bring a smile to every sick kid’s face.

"Behind the Little Red Door" is the latest children’s book from Coy Bowles. This delightful picture book encourages children to use their creativity to determine what is behind the little red door in each page. Published in partnership with Bright From the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, 84,000 school children in Georgia will be gifted "Behind the Little Red Door" in classrooms across the state.




With songs, stories and tons of interactive fun, Coy loves to bring the joy of literacy and teacher advocacy to schools

and libraries across the nation, inspiring young minds along

the way.



With stories from years on the road with the three time Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band, creative outlooks on the writing process and so much more to share, book Coy for your next function.



Whether performing to a sold-out Fenway Park or speaking to students as a professor at GA State University, Coy's advocacy for creativity, literacy and following your dreams will inspire your attendees.


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